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CPU, Chasing the Sun, Rebranding- My thoughts

I’m writing this note in response to the incident that took place in Iloilo, with my Alma Mater, the thoughts of the alumni, their reactions.  The urge to write this has been great so here it goes. Of course these are all in my opinion, but feel free to agree and disagree.

You know, at first I said to myself a party is something that’s a part of this age, this generation, and that students should know how to organize it, to utilize it as a medium for fund raising and of doing good.

But then I came to a conclusion as well that, while yes we need to adjust to the times, an event sponsored by CPU should still be in accordance with its vision and mission. We teach this in various leadership trainings where I’m connected. When we do programs or events, how is it in connection with the organization I am apart of?

I believe that CPU is not rebranding. It’s a simple case of,are we all on the same boat?  Is top management cascading that yes, while times are changing we do need to adjust to the changes in society, but where do we set the limitations to this change?

I am for change. I embrace change and I believe that CPU should be moving forward in many aspects, its ideals and philosophies as well as opening up to more linkages more, schools of thought, opening up to more technology.  But at the center of every activity are still EXCEL, and the mission statement. This should be strengthened. How do we achieve those when the times are changing? It’s not1905 anymore, not 1945, not 1970, not 1998 but 2014. Times ARE different, the youth’s attention is shifting.  Central,how do we become relevant so that the students you have today can keep up with the top schools of the country while still keeping the branding of EXCEL.

I’m not saying that partying is bad. I’m a Centralian and I enjoy partying. I’ve partied in Manila,Iloilo, Bacolod, even Beijing and New York.  I don’t think it has made me any less of a Centralian.

Excessive partying is bad. Getting Inebriated to a state where you’re unaware of your actions is bad. Losing all sense of sensibility and responsibility when partying/getting drunk is bad.  While I understand that to the youth today, partying is part of “growing up”, Central’s role to this thinking should be from another light.

The right questions we should be asking as Centralians are: “Is partying the best way to show we are socially relevant in this age/century?” “Are there other, more better ways to engage huge numbers of people? “How are we contributing to the development of the youth?”  What are we doing to divert all the youthful energy from partying?” “What difference can we make by getting the youth and the community more involved?”  That is the pro-active response I post as a challenge to Central.   Christian teachings we preach at Central Philippine University should be supported with socially relevant actions to bridge the lack of information, the lack of actions and options to be taken by the younger generation.  This is not to limit creativity, freedom and growth, but to direct all energy towards the right direction, one worthy of the branding EXCEL.

Let the recent events be a wake up call. Not to play the blame game, or to say God is punishing us. That would be totally inaccurate. Be it a wake up call that we can do so many more things with our youth, our energy. And we need a better definition and manifestation of being socially relevant.

My Condolences to the Family of the Victim.

Wake up Central, Wake Up.



Joshua Javier Misajon

BSBA Marketing Management 2006 – Central Philippine University

CPU Republic President 2008-2009

Ayala Young Leader

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,200 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.


Life has a way of making us want to take U-Turns. Whether it’s because we’re scared or whether we want to go back to where we’re comfortable. Sometimes it seems that taking a U-Turn is just the easiest decision to make. But what is that U-Turn? Why should we avoid it? When should we take it?

Goals, Dreams, Aspirations, Love. These are things we journey towards in life. Each one of us are propelled by our  own ambitions, definitions of life, love and success. We can say that life is like getting on the road and driving towards your destination.  The road is filled with one way streets, heavy traffic, or maybe crazy curves.  But one thing that these streets always have are U-turns. Points where you just want to go back, back to being comfortable, to being safe. We’ve all experienced something like that in one way or another. Some traumatic experience causes us to turn from our dreams, the feeling of returning to a love that was before because you we’re too scared to open your heart to somebody new, or simply when you feel like you’re going nowhere, stuck in traffic, you just want to go back.  Life is like a long road, where you don’t have GPS to guide you, but the roads are filled with signs. Signs like  “Left Turn Only”, “No Entry” and yes there’s also a sign called “No U-turn”.  Signs like these are scattered across life’s highways and city streets. Often times we are met with situations where you just want to go against what the sign says. Usually because we either believe that by doing so we get to our destination faster, or we’re just afraid of taking on a risk of a road we don’t know will get us to our end point.  We should avoid taking U-turns in life where it says No U-Turns. Why? Because we have to learn to live with our decisions. We have to learn how to be patient. We have to take the long route. Taking that U-turn where it says not to, will either end up with us getting hurt, filled with regrets, or if not opportunities lost. (Not to mention there might be a traffic officer around the corner waiting to pounce on you for doing so)  But when times like these happen, people, friends and family are there to remind us to stay the course, to do what’s right.  Just like the cops who hail you down for breaking the traffic law and getting a ticket. Sometimes they’ll let us go, sometimes write us a ticket. But just as traffic is a metaphor for life, the chances we get from the traffic officers, friends, family, loved ones can only be so much.  So don’t take chances or else your license could be revoked for life.  On the other hand there are times where it is ok to take that U-turn. Where we know that by taking a different route our chances of reaching our destination improve, that the quality of life in reaching that place is better than the previous route.  U-turns in life must only be taken when we need time to asses our strengths, weaknesses, who we are and where we want to go. U-turns should only be taken where we are supposed to.

Life is one long road, learn to read the signs.

The inspiration to write this came from being in the backseat of a friend’s car where we U-turned where we weren’t supposed to. And got pulled over by the cops! :)) A life lesson on the road while celebrating my 23rd Birthday.  What a way to start the next chapter of life!

Back and Better than Before!

I’m sure you’re wondering what happened to I’m actually wondering the same thing!


Seriously though so much has happened these past six months.  And just as blogging became my escape from the realities that were happening around me, I found myself in sort of limbo with life.  Where to go and what to do were the questions that I had to face. And after doing all my adventure write ups about New York and my travels in the US, I had come to a point where I couldn’t escape reality anymore so I decided to put on hold my blogging till I found myself again, my dreams, aspirations my purpose and my worth. Guess what? I found it! And I’m back to blogging because I have more stories to tell, not just mine but stories of others whose outlooks in life have just affected me and inspired me to do more and be better than who I was before. Of course those stories will come soon as I journey through this next stage in life.  I’ve met great people who are heroes in their own little ways and I hope to be like them because their love for God and Country are incomparable.  Yes I’ve made it back to the Philippines. And since coming back here I’ve engrossed myself with more nation building, giving back to the community and yes throwing starfishes back into the ocean. And all I can say is as I gave more of myself to others, I found myself again. But of course that story will have to be for a separate post.

I added a couple of categories to my writing stuff and I might take out a few as well, like the Saturday and the Sunday posts. Also taking out the Investment Page.  I’ve added 2 categories which are LeadCamps and Nation Building, or should I say our nation building stuff which we do on weekends and sometimes on weekdays. And I added Me and My Sleeping Bag, a new write up to describe the experience of where I end up sleeping with my sleeping bag. So with that Teach Me How To Josh is up and running again!

Check back frequently for updates as well as hit like on my Facebook page!

ILAW 3.0 Inspire To Lead Aspire to Win

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ILAW 3.0 ka ba?

“Cause baby you light up my world like nobody else”😉

Serious and crazy fun took place as members of the Ayala Young Leaders Alliance took on the challenge of teaching leadership to college students of Araullo University.  Despite the heavy rains hitting the metro area, stout hearts took on 105 eager minds eager to learn, empower and lead.

ILAW 3.0 which stands for “Inspire to Lead and Aspire to Win” Year 3, was held last August 11-12, 2012 on Araullo University Campus grounds.  Through the coordination of the Student Council and the Center for Student Leadership, Araullo University invited the Ayala Young Leaders Alliance to share knowledge and experience with their eager students.  The compositions of the participants were varied from 1st to 3rd year college students with or without positions in student organizations.


Concepts such as trust, teamwork, values were ingrained through experiential learning exercises conducted by the facilitating team.  With special participation of Mr. Simon Mossessgeld or “Tatay Monch” as people in the AYLA community commonly know him.  He shared his insights and talk about servant-leadership and as to why leaders should be servants first.

The facilitators were varied coming from batches 2003, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and the newest batch 2012.

The 3rd Batch of Camp ILAW Dubbed themselves as Batch G.U.Y.S. (Group of United Young Servants) Good Job GUYS!

Batch 2009 “Hiraya” was represented by yours truly, Josh Misajon and Mark “Sultan” Gersava.



*this post can also be seen on as I am also a contributor to the site.

WTF Where’s the Food Wednesdays: This week is a Reblog from a blogger from Iloilo City!

Jillian Is Your Friend

I kind of remembered that goose in Kung Fu Panda when I started with this entry.

You remember how he talked about noodle soup with a special ingredient? Well for this particular bowl of noodles, it had to be the noodles itself. Tarzan Magic La Mien Noodles prides itself in serving handmade noodles for its soups. Never mind the establishment name (yes, I attempted to find an explanation or connection as well). As you wait for your order, they make it in their kitchen for freshness & I could certainly taste the difference.

I asked the waitressess for the specialty of the house & they suggested my companion & I try the Beef La Mien (Php78) & the Chicken La Mien (Php78).

Bet the waitresses enjoyed my reaction to their gigantic chopsticks because they laughed a tad too hard at me. I loved how the la mien tasted like actual

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Motivation Mondays-

Here’s an entry from someone I follow on WordPress. I hope it gives you all the lift you need this week.

Have a great week ahead!

The Better Man Project ™

I took a few days off. I needed to clear my head and try to look at the world from a new perspective.

We all bear crosses. Some are obvious, some are hidden. In the end, we must not make decisions based purely on what we think is logical, but what is in our hearts. Things may get complicated, but we have to dig deep and really ask ourselves what matters.

You have this life to live, and you only have one shot at it. How are you going to live it? I truly believe that within the depths of my chest there is a voice guiding me to the right decisions…to the right words…to the right feelings.

We are all given something incredibly special. Choice. We can choose to be anything we want to in our lives. This “choice” I feel often gets overlooked because we make things more…

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Teach Me Adventure Thursdays- Bronx Zoo

What’s up everybody? I’m back and blogging! A new set of adventures, eats, hangouts and awesome good times.  Still chilling in NYC, I’m bringing you another day of explorations in the urban jungle making the most out of my travel.  

Today we’re heading to the Zoo! 

The weather was kind of gloomy but I decided to take the day out and explore the Bronx Zoo. Basically because on Wednesdays I learned that the zoo does suggested donations.  Which simply means you can decide how much you want to donate to get admission. (yes cheapskates, you can pay a dollar if that’s what you can afford).  I took the uptown red line no. 2 from the Times Square Subway station to get to my the zoo getting off at W Farms Sq. East Tremont Ave station.  From this point its basically a 4 block walk to get to the Asia Gate of the Bronx Zoo.


Since I came solely to the Bronx Zoo for sightseeing… I hardly paid attention to the history of the place.  But thanks to Wikipedia I can give you guys a backgrounder.

“The Bronx Zoo is located in the Bronx borough of New York City, within Bronx Park. It is one of the world’s largest metropolitan zoos, with over 600 species from around the world.[4] The zoo comprises 265 acres (107 ha) of park lands and naturalistic habitats, through which the Bronx Riverflows.

The Bronx Zoo is part of an integrated system of four zoos and one aquarium managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), and is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).”

( – If you want to read more about it.)

I went around taking pictures with whatever amateur skills I have with a camera and at least I got a few good shots in. You tell me what animals I took pictures of.


Whachu lookin at?


“I can walk in a straight line officer!”


The Original TIGER LOOK. :))


Rafael, Donatello, Leonardo


“Pucker up and Gimme some Camel Love”


“Mufasa! People are trying to take pictures” Get it? Move faster? errr…


Don’t worry bro, you’re not looking into a mirror…


It’s ok bro, “They said if you love her you gotta set her free, if she comes back then she’s yours. But if she don’t fly and spread your wings, someone better is flying your way soon.”

Pardon my captions! I’m just having some fun with all the stuff I took at the Zoo.  It was fun walking around  and enjoying God’s creations. You should definitely take time to visit it when you get to New York.  It’ll take you more than half a day if you’re the type that enjoys taking in every single exhibit, it’s a big place with a lot of different kinds of animals to see.

I’m leaving you with a short video clip I took with my iPhone. Hope you enjoyed this week’s Travel Thursday!


Chilly Day in Philly – Philadelphia on Teach me Adventure Thursdays

For this week’s adventure Thursdays I was able to take some pictures of my last trip to Philadelphia, then City of Brotherly Love. All photos were taken via iPhone, my trusted friend. Enjoy the pictures! You’ve read the cheese steak article now enjoy parts of the city. My highlights being the kids museum- Please Touch Museum, the Liberty Bell, The Constitution hall.

Constitution Hall

Liberty Bell






Pat’s King of Steaks- Where’s the Food?(WTF?) Wednesdays


I was in Philadelphia for the weekend since my nephew and niece were both off from school because of the winter break. So the family decided to go to Pennsylvania for a short break. I met up with an old but new friend, a school mate from high school, Marie. And she was so nice as to bring me around Philadelphia. And this being this week’s WTF, what better than the world famous Philly Cheese Steak!


This famous sandwich started in 1930 where Philadelphia folk, Pat and Harry served chopped steak on hoagie rolls. They became popular that they eventually opened up their own restaurant, Pat’s King of Steaks. To this day they are still serving up some of this original cheese steak.

So where’s the food?


Pat’s King of Steaks is found 1237 E Passyunk Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19147.


My recommendation is to try of course, the very famous basic cheese steak before trying out any of the other variants. The combination of the chopped tender steak together with the liquid cheese makes up for an awesome flavor playing in your mouth. Make sure to eat it while it’s still hot for a definite good meal. Whether its for lunch or for a snack, Pat’s King of Steaks Philly Cheese Steak doesn’t disappoint. It’s a meal, and it’s history in one.

Pat’s King of Steaks “Don’t Eat a Misteak”
I give it a 4 out of 5 for history, flavor, simplicity and price affordability.

Give it a try!

Special thanks to my friend Marie for showing me around.
Follow her on twitter @hernameismarie